Franki Goes to Rome!

FRAGOLINO FUCHSIA is finally an ebook—well, an estory! My favorite thing about it is that I used a few real people as characters, like Elio Guida and Silvana Spaccino from Rome’s Hotel Residence Magnolia. My husband, Graham, and I stayed … Continue reading

My (Criminal) Culinary Adventure with Nancy Drew

After 84 years on bookshelves around the world, Nancy Drew has inspired generations of girls to think for themselves, face their fears and boldly go where they might not have gone before. But did you know that Nancy also inspired … Continue reading

The (Highly Symbolic) Handbag that Got Away

Those who know me are well aware of my passion for Italian leather handbags. The mere sight of a sleek, supple Gucci, Versace or Fendi gets my heart pounding in a fine leather–induced frenzy. Most of the time, I’m content … Continue reading