Limoncello Yellow is LIVE!

I said this on Facebook, and I’ll say it again here: It’s WEIRD to listen to someone perform your book! And that’s exactly what I did when the terrifically talented voice artist Madeline Mrozek performed the audiobook version of Limoncello Yellow.

And what a performance it is! Madeline said that she felt like Cybil when she was recording the book because of all my crazy characters. And honestly, she’s such an amazing voice artist that at times I really thought that she was multiple people.

But don’t listen to me, listen to Madeline! An audio sample of Limoncello Yellow is available here. And you can get a free copy by signing up for a free 30-day trial of here.

Don’t want a free trial? No problem! Because I’m giving away three audio copies of Limoncello Yellow to the first requesters!


Limoncello Yellow is LIVE! — 13 Comments

  1. I haven’t tried audiobooks yet, but want to. Limoncello Yellow is such a fun read, it’s got to be a wild “listen” ( is that the way to say it?). Love the book, so I’d say give it a listen!

  2. I can hardly wait to listen! But I am waiting until Saturday so I won’t have as many disruptions. But it’s killing me to see it sitting in my library unopened and Taunting me! Only thing better would be to have you read it to me :))). Love you!

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