Jessica Fletcher, Diva Detective

This month Franki Amato is investigating alongside Jamie Bond and Raven McShane in DIVA DETECTIVES, a brand-new box set featuring Unbreakable Bond by Gemma Halliday and Jennifer Fischetto, Diva Las Vegas by Stephanie Caffrey, and, of course, Limoncello Yellow.

The title of the box set got me wondering, just what exactly is a “diva detective”? A female detective who sings opera? Or a self-aborbed detective who demands attention for herself without regard for anyone else’s needs? Obviously, the latter.

If I had to pick my favorite literary/television diva detective, I’d go with Jessica Fletcher, hands down. I know, I know—she’s not a real detective. But she might as well be the way she runs homicide investigations wherever she goes. And God knows that Cabot Cove needs her with a murder rate that’s eighty-six times that of the most murderous city in the world.

So, what makes Jessica a diva detective? Here are five of her most notorious diva traits:

1. Her makeup, hair, and clothing are always immaculate whether she’s riding her bike around Cabot Cove, languishing behind bars, or traipsing endlessly around Ireland.

2. Even though she knows darn good and well that someone gets murdered wherever she goes, she continues to go to author signings, attend events, teach classes, and take vacations with abandon.

3. She willfully ignores police requests to leave the investigating to the authorities.

4. Furthermore, she routinely disagrees with the officer in charge of an investigation, telling him that she, not he, knows how the murder really went down.

5. Last but not least, Jessica usually tricks the murderer into confessing rather than confronting him or her directly, which is callous and possibly even illegal.

Now, readers, which of Jessica’s diva qualities have I missed?

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