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Last year amazing things happened to Franki Amato: She solved a Bourbon Street strip club murder in Amaretto Amber, she heard Madeline Mrozek narrate her voice in the audiobook version of Limoncello Yellow, and she became a USA TODAY bestseller when “Rosolio Red” hit the list in the short story collection Cozy Christmas Shorts.

So, what’s Franki doing in 2017? Well, she’s kind of irked that she’s been sidelined by a forthcoming Danger Cove Hair Salon mystery, A Poison Manicure and Peach Liqueur (a Christmas release). But like I always tell her, from time to time Cassidi Conti has to investigate a murder too.

Once I’ve gotten Cassidi on the right path, Franki’s going to solve a short mystery set in the springtime, possibly in Italy. Then she’ll tackle a bloody crime in Campari Crimson, her fourth mystery involving New Orleanians who live as vampires (yes, that really happens).

But next up for Franki is a boxed set! Gemma Halliday Publishing will release Franki Amato Mysteries (Books 1-3) on January 31. To celebrate, I’m giving away five e-copies (it’s not available in print) to the first five readers who comment below.

After that I’m going to get ready for Mardi Gras in NOLA, where I’ll be on a float with the Krewe of King Arthur. I’m super psyched but also a little scared. Because Franki has assured me there’s a mystery in the works . . .




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    • Thanks, Betty. I have been busy—but not so much with writing. 🙁 That’s why I went on the retreat—to recharge.

  1. I’m so excited to see what Franki is going to get up to this year!! I absolutely love your writing!! Good luck in 2017!!

  2. I’m new to the Franki series, and truth be told I haven’t even finished the first book. I had to email to say how much I love what I have read so far. I am also an Italian (subject to hearing “eye-talian” all the time). Was over 30 when I was married, and had a Nonno that I loved and adored (sadly he is no longer with us), but Franki’s Nonna is A LOT like him. Realizing Franki is fiction, but figured there is always truth in fiction. Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying and laughing with the Italian antics. It makes me remember the great times I had with my famiglia.

    • Antonette, your nonno sounds hilarious, and he’s proof that there is truth in fiction. My nonno and nonna died when I was still a kid, but my father’s older sister took over for them. Example: She once grabbed my hand in a restaurant and (very loudly) pleaded with me to get married—I was 25. The nonna in my book is a compilation her and several other women in my dad’s family, and she’s also based on a friend’s Sicilian great aunt, who looked and acted like Sophia Petrillo from Golden Girls. When I was younger, I found their antics to be embarrassing and annoying, but now that I’m older I realize how much they all enriched my life, and I miss the comedy-drama. That’s the reason for the books—to bring them back in some way. Thanks so much for reading.

  3. Looking forward to Franki’s new stories and wondering when the new book will be available to read. I really do enjoy her stories sooo much.Thank You.

    • I’ll have a new Franki book as well as a short story out next year. This year is a Danger Cove Hair Salon release!

  4. looking forward to your new e-book about Franki. Can you please tell me when this will be available to read? I really love her books and laugh all the way through each one…

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