Fangs, a Facebook Party, and Other Freaky-Fun Stuff

If you’re not friends with me on Facebook, then you missed the pics of my recent adventures in the French Quarter. I went to New Orleans to do research for a couple of Franki Amato mysteries and to see some old friends. What I didn’t expect to see? A VAMPIRE.

Yeah, I know. Vampires aren’t real. But tell that to the one I met on the Haunted History Vampire Tour. The first thing I noticed about her was that she had eyes like Marilyn Manson’s—basically just pupils with ice-colored irises. When I stared at them (yes, that’s impolite, but can you blame me?), she smiled at me.

And bared her FANGS. Not the stark white plastic ones that we wore as kids for Halloween, but yellowish ones that were a little too real-enamel-like for my blood, er, taste.

At first I thought that this vampire vixen was a tour company prop. But as we went along the various spots on the tour, it became clear that she was just a regular old paying customer like me (except, of course, that she was a vampire). How do I know that? Because she was wearing a feather boa like tourists do in the Quarter, and her husband (uh-huh, someone married her) mentioned that they were from New York City. So, the only thing I can figure is that she wanted to learn about the history of her undead people.

As it turns out, there were—and still are—a lot of vampires in New Orleans. If you don’t believe me, check out the New Orleans Vampire Association (NOVA).

Anyway, the whole experience was as creepy as all get out (and get out, I did). But the good news is that I finally have a plot idea for CAMPARI CRIMSON!

FacebookLaunchSpeaking of the Franki Amato mysteries, this Tuesday, June 8, from 7 to 9 p.m. central time, I’m hosting a Facebook party to celebrate the release of AMARETTO AMBER. I’m keeping it small, so this is your chance to chat and maybe win some stuff, like an e-copy of Amaretto Amber, an Amazon gift card, a LIMONCELLO YELLOW scarf, a PROSECCO PINK boa, or the AMARETTO AMBER Coach handbag.

To join the launch party and find out how to win the bag, check out the invite. Chat with you soon!

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