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Mystery Mastery Classes

Want to add mystery to your life? Then write one! USA TODAY Bestselling Author Traci Andrighetti will show you how to plot, outline, and write your novel.

If you already have a manuscript lying comatose on your computer or dead under your bed, she’ll help you revive it with life-giving edits.


Traci will teach you how to plot, outline, and write the first three chapters of your mystery in her SavvyAuthors class Master the Mystery Novel! from September 18 until December 15, 2017.

Or, if you want to work with Traci while you write an entire mystery or finish an existing one, consider her writing package through Limoncello Press:

Write Your Mystery: Elementary, my dear Watson!

Traci is on the case to help you investigate how whodunits are done. Work with Traci to learn how to develop your plot and subplots, create your characters, and outline and write your novel. During the inquiry, she’ll share her super sleuthing tools and tips for adding intrigue and heightening tension. Once you’ve written the body, Traci will provide you with clues to identify a publishing path and, if applicable, help you write a query letter. No red herrings!

Pricing is based on the size and scope of your project.


Traci will teach you how to edit your mystery manuscript in her SavvyAuthors class Edit Your Mystery Novel! in January of 2018.

Or, if you would like for Traci to edit your manuscript, consider her editing package through Limoncello Press:

Edit Your Mystery: Cherchez la femme!

Traci will inspect your whodunit to make sure you’ve cracked the case. She’ll probe your plot, subplots, setting, characters, clues, climax, and coda to ferret out inconsistencies and development crimes. Then she’ll conduct a scene audit to check for intriguing starts and gripping finishes. After she investigates the manuscript body, Traci will use her ace PhD editing skills to hunt clichés and POV slips and fine-tune your narration and dialogue. Killer!

Don’t want the full package? No problem! Line editing and proofreading are also an option.


Email Traci at to discuss your project. It will be fun (and mysterious).