Best Bookstore in Bologna (& Book Business)

During my recent whirlwind trip to Italy, I went back to my favorite bookstore in Bologna: the Libreria Coop Ambasciatori on Via delle Orefici (and yes, that means “Street of the Orifices”). This bookstore is in the heart of medieval Bologna near the two twelfth-century towers, Garisenda and Asinelli, that are the symbol of this marvelous city.

Why is it my favorite? It’s not the awe-inspiring location because, obviously, when you’re in a bookstore you don’t see what’s around it. It’s the concept that I love: books on the main floor, and two additional stories that have a restaurant, Italian food products, and more books!

Okay, okay, so the restaurant is an Eataly, which exists here in the U.S. And while in Italy I would never advise eating somewhere you can eat here at home. I mean, HELL-O. But what’s not to love about being able to buy a tube of chocolate hazelnut paste while you browse? (And by the way, I squeezed the entire tube of that paste into my mouth when I was waiting for my return flight to Austin at JFK. #noregrets)

Now that I’m back in the States, I’ve been thinking about that bookstore a lot, and it’s not just because I want some more Italian books and chocolate-hazelnut paste. The thing is, while I was standing in the middle of the mystery room, I realized that I had to write a book set in Italy. But where? How? And with whom?

Here are the questions that are tormenting me like I was in Dante’s inferno:

BolognaonlybooksAmaretto Amber is coming out in June, so will Franki Amato go to Italy in the next book? Or will I write a new mystery series set in Italy? If I write a new series, should it be about 1) an Italian teacher who takes students on study abroad trips, 2) an Italian-American woman who inherits a pensione on the island of Capri, or 3) a female Italian police inspector who solves crimes in a famous city? And should it be funny or serious?

Lettori, aiutatemi (Readers, help me)! What do you want to read?


Best Bookstore in Bologna (& Book Business) — 10 Comments

  1. I think you should write a book where Franki goes to Italy. I also think you could do a funny series about the Italian American woman opening the pensione on Capri. It would b awesome

  2. Hi!
    So happy to hear from you and delighted to hear the good news! Your trip to Italy sounds fabulous.
    So excited to hear about the next novel in the series coming out in June.
    I love idea number three with a comedic touch. That being said, I really love everything that you write and will support you no matter what you decide. 😊

  3. I like the idea of number 2 a lot. If you do number 1 I think it should be funny 🙂 I also think it would be fun if you did a romantic and mystery series about three friends in Italy, one for each friend. But that might be because I like books like that haha

  4. May I add a fourth place? When Dom and I visited St Francis of Asisi (sp), we stayed in a convent. Small rooms with a bed, chair, candle and the Bible. I had the weirdest vibes while staying there. Could be because I am a Jewish lady sleeping in a nuns bed, or was it that she (the ghostly nun) was just watching and protecting her room? Much can be written about that room I am sure, and you are just the one to do it.

  5. Franki could go to Italy with her friend and nonchelantly meet a teacher traveling abroad with a group of students. The story could focus on Franki solving some mystery with Nonna who somehow learned to FaceTime her and meddle across the Pond. Her meeting the teacher could be an element where the teacher’s expertise helps solve the case.

    In this way, if the teacher is well received, bravo. Go forth with another series where they can intertwine cases on occasion. If not, so be it.

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